Mission Statement

Saturn Electric’s employees are committed to creating a financially strong organization that consistently builds projects with fine craftsmanship within budget. Our employees are dedicated to developing lasting relationships through the products and services we provide. Each employee strives to be extremely productive to accomplish the ultimate goal of total customer satisfaction.


Saturn Electric, Inc. was founded in 1963 and quickly established itself in San Diego. Over the next fourteen years, Saturn Electric worked on various commercial and industrial installations throughout San Diego.

In 1977, Saturn Electric was purchased by Ronald Dudek. Ron had visited San Diego for a business conference and viewed San Diego as a growing city. A city in its infancy stages, emerging into a major city with tremendous opportunities.

In 1997 Tim Dudek officially joined the Saturn Electric team. Tim graduated from the University of Southern California in 1987 from the School of Letters, Arts and Science with a degree in Economics. In the 10 years prior to joining Saturn, Tim held a brokers license and worked for a money management firm. In addition to working as a broker, he also excelled as a senior account executive for Minolta.

In 2005, Tim became the President of Saturn Electric, Inc. Tim is also an executive board member of the San Diego chapter of the National Electric Contractors Association, (NECA) since 2004. Tim has been a Management Trustee to San Diego Electrical Annuity Pension Fund for the Local 569 Electrical Workers since 2008.

Over the years, Tim has represented The San Diego NECA Chapter in Washington DC on important lobbyist activities. On Capital Hill, Tim has met multiple times with all the San Diego Congressional Representatives as well as Senator Barbara Boxer. In those meetings, much success has been made on important construction issues that affect the construction industry.

Saturn Electric, Inc. is instrumental on local building issues including code development and local bond measures.

Before relocating to San Diego in 1977, Ron Dudek had worked for nearly 25 years in Chicago. Throughout the late 1950’s and into the 1970’s, Ron had established himself as a leader in the electrical contracting community. During that time, by working for the world’s largest electrical contracting company, Fischbach and Moore, Ron played an important role developing the Chicago skyline. His contributions included important buildings such as Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center and the First National Bank of Chicago. Ron also was responsible for the supervision of various projects with Bethlehem Steel Corporation, United States Steel Corporation and the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Facility. Countless infrastructure projects were also completed for state and local municipalities.

However, like most successful leaders and managers, the yearning to be one’s own boss combined with the entrepreneurial sprit, Ron purchased Saturn Electric and moved his family from Northwestern Indiana to San Diego.

During the building boom in the late 1970’s, helped build many shops and projects surrounding the UTC shopping center and business parks. Saturn Electric also helped in the early transformation of the San Diego Gaslamp District and Horton Plaza.

In the 1980’s San Diego benefited from the government’s tremendous military spending. Saturn Electric found itself in the position of building many of the military’s most prestigious projects at Camp Pendleton and Point Loma.

Saturn Electric was responsible for the construction of the Amphibious Aircraft Port alongside Interstate 5 at Camp Pendleton. Also, Saturn constructed the Submarine Base Training Center at Point Loma and Navy Officers Training Facility at 32nd Street. In the decade of the 1980’s, Saturn Electric became one of San Diego’s largest electrical contractors working for the Department of Defense.

As the 1990’s moved in and the cold war was won, the military spending tightened. Saturn Electric was forced, like many other companies, to transform. Saturn Electric moved into building various projects on our San Diego College campuses. Through the ‘90’s Saturn Electric constructed buildings and infrastructure on the campuses of San Diego State University and UCSD.

Saturn Electric was hired to build on the UCSD Campus. Some major projects on the campus include The Preuss Charter School, Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, Nierenberg Hall as well as upgrades to the Central Plant at UCSD.

At San Diego State University, Saturn Electric built Aztecha Student Housing, retrofitted Tonocha Hall and installed major street and campus lighting throughout the campus.

Other notable projects for Saturn Electric in the 1990’s were the San Diego Central Jail and Balboa Park lighting upgrades.

In the recent past, Saturn Electric has embraced another trend in our San Diego history. Since the year 2000, Saturn has newly constructed or remodeled 40 elementary, middle and high schools totaling 35 million in electrical construction.

Over the years, Saturn Electric has constructed many wastewater projects for both the City and County of San Diego. The projects we have worked on have been nominated and won prestigious Orchids, (Convoy Pump Station 1998), and honorably recognized by the San Diego County Taxpayers, (Hydro Electric Plant 2006).

Saturn Electric is a second generation family operated company serving the San Diego market place for over 50 years. We are a well diversified construction firm and eagerly face the ever changing and developing San Diego community.